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onsite high voltage –
the brand for the electrical energy industry
In the area of modern energy grid operation, onsite high voltage is the new brand for valuable products, intelligent solutions and comfortable and easy-to-apply technology. This new brand is provided by the onsite hv group which consists of several companies located in Switzerland.

Seitz Instruments AG in Niederrohrdorf has been developing and manufacturing advanced high voltage testing, measuring and diagnostic systems, mainly used for electrical grid components and high voltage test laboratories, for over 20 years.

"Our multifunctional on-site test and diagnostic technology offers solutions for an appropriate assessment of medium and high-voltage grid components. Thus, our technology is capable of supporting grid operators as well as asset management in operating their components reliably and sustainably”
Paul P. Seitz, CEO of Seitz Instruments AG

onsite hv solutions ag in Luzern, is an international organization of independent companies with a team of highly qualified specialists, providing to distribution and transmission utilities knowledge about modern on-site solutions.

"Thorough scientific knowledge combined with longstanding practical experience in grid measurement and laboratory investigation – this is how we have created the prerequisites for innovative technology and applications" Edward Gulski, CEO of onsite hv solutions ag

onsite hv international ag in Luzern, a distributor for innovative test and diagnostic tools in the electrical energy branch is a reliable partner for utilities, power suppliers and grid operators as well as producers of equipment for electrical grids.

"Following in our product development the actual needs of power utilities our solutions are made to improve the quality and the reliability of their power network components".
Gregor Cejka, CEO of onsite hv international ag

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