The insulation tester IT30 is a mobile system to perform off-line diagnostics on high voltage motors and generators. The used technique is based on damped AC voltage up to 30 kV. Using this highly mobile test system, two valuable parameters for condition monitoring of stator insulation of electric machines can be determined:

Dielectric loss factor, which represents the power losses in the insulation during the presence of voltage on the windings. By comparing the dielectric loss factor at different voltages or over time, a proper indication of the overall deterioration of the high voltage insulation is given.

Partial discharge activity, which shows the partial discharge level according to IEC60270, occurring in the insulation in relation to the voltage. Although the occurrence of partial discharges in high voltage stator insulation is inevitable, measurement of the level of these discharges does provide useful information on local defects in insulation.

These parameters have proven their value for the condition assessment of stator insulation for decades. Measurement of these parameters is therefore widespread and standardized by international organizations like IEC and IEEE. A common procedure is to measure a machine with a fixed time interval, for which the IT30 can be applied very well.

The IT30 is built on Seitz Instruments' proven OWTS technology, which means it is a lightweight, highly mobile and easy to operate advanced test system. Using a small test set consisting of the IT30 system together with a notebook computer, the stator insulation can be assessed in a few hours. No external components are required, since power supply, measurement hardware and control are integrated into a single device. The combination of advanced diagnostics combined with this very mobile and easy to operate test set makes it an attractive diagnostic tool.

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