High-voltage  solutions

onsite hv solutions, headquartered in Switzerland, is an international organization of independent companies with a team of highly qualified specialists, assisting our customers with asset management decisions, and the optimal use and maintenance of medium and (extra) high-voltage components.

onsite hv solutions has over 20 years of experience in world-wide after-laying testing and on-site condition assessment with damped AC (DAC) voltages monitored by partial discharges and dissipation factor of all types of on-shore and off-shore power cables up to 275 kV.

Our core competences

  • 20+ years experience in the development and application of technical solutions across various industries working in the field of the electric power delivery, combined with deep practitioner’s insight.
  • Broad knowledge in developing and delivering industrial solutions and services to individual clients needs.
  • Internationally recognized scientific and applied knowledge in the field of on- and offshore electric installations.
  • Wide scope of partners in contracting and maintenance business of on- and off-shore wind farm electric installations.
  • Unique personal network of international contacts with electric power companies resulting from many years of active participation in international regulatory bodies such as IEEE, Cigre, IEC and ACP.

Our core competences

Company`s credentials Proven capability

Company`s credentials

  • Proven capability to cooperate worldwide with developers, power companies and service providers and to develop long-term customer relationships.
  • Broad knowledge of primary electrical systems and components gathered through 20+ years of close worldwide collaboration with the commercial / private energy companies in both the public and private sector.
  • Solid understanding of assessing an contactor’s individual positioning, strengths, weaknesses and skillset in relation to their specific on- and offshore installations.
  • Close monitoring and thorough evaluation of trends and developments in both the public and private infrastructure sector of on- and offshore electric installations.
  • Long-lasting active participation in international organizations and bodies responsible for the development of regulations, standards and guidelines in the context of electrical power engineering.

Power cable after-laying testing and on-site condition assessment

On-site testing of newly installed on- and off-shore power cable systems is fundamental for the reliable operation of transmission & distribution power cable systems. Cable testing is applied for:

  • Quality control of cable and accessories installation during after-laying testing
  • Maintenance testing during operation or in conjunction with repair work after a failure
  • Condition assessment of service aged cable circuits

Damped AC (DAC) is a state-of-the-art testing technology developed specifically for after-laying/ commissioning, maintenance and diagnostic testing, that provides a comprehensive and accurate condition assessment capability for all types of underground cable systems up to 400 kV.

Power cable after laying testing and on site condition assessment
This modern approach provides complete information about the actual condition of the insulation of the cable system and associated accessories, which supports intelligent and informed decisions about maintenance, operation and replacement. DAC testing can be applied for all types of power cables as used for on-shore and off-shore power industries.


Other competences

onsite hv solutions ag is a global services and consultancy firm based in Switzerland that has been providing technical advisory services in the field of on- and offshore power cable systems since 2010.

Our team is comprised of world leading experts who support national and international companies in solving their most complex problems regarding the design, installation testing and service life management of on- and offshore power cable systems. Within the field of offshore wind farm power cables, we have deep expert knowledge in various aspects of power cable management. Our offshore trained test engineers are vital in supporting customers with their installation testing, service life maintenance and cable asset management.

Cable system tests – types, scope of tests, test procedures, criteria for evaluation of measurement results with e.g. mechanical-, electrical- and non-electrical tests such as:

  • Pre-qualification tests of the cable system consisting of: offshore- and onshore- cables, factory joint offshore joint, transition joint, land joint and cable terminations
  • Cable system type and routine tests
  • Inspection and acceptance tests (FAT)
  • Tests before laying the cable (verifying that the cable has not been damaged during loading onto a vessel or transport)
  • Inter-operational tests (connections subsequent cable sections, after other works)
  • Acceptance tests after building the cable line (SAT)
  • Maintenance test during cable line operation lifetime
  • Test in case of a failure during operation

Facts and figures

Kilometres cable circuit lengths tested 10000 + Kilometres cable circuit lengths tested
World-wide satisfied customers in more than 25 countries 100 + World-wide satisfied customers in more than 25 countries
Years successful experiences of onsite testing 20 + Years successful experiences of onsite testing




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